Not to long ago in (in first grade) at my old school in Houston (Burnett) I had to do a project on a animal so I chose raccoons. Did you know that raccoons can have about 6-7 babies? Well they can. Have you ever seen a panda ? Well if you’ve seen how they carry their cub’s when they climb trees , that’s kind of how raccoons are with their babies. Raccoons also don’t just eat trash , they eat berries or bugs. They eat trash because that’s the closes food they see when near houses. That’s all about raccoons today. Bye!

Because of Winn-Dixie

In the book of Winn-Dixie,my favorite character is Amanda Wilkenson. Amanda .W. is my favorite character because I like that she always has a pinched face.Amanda is rude but toward the end she is super sweet. I also feel bad for her because of her brother drowning.Thats why I like Amanda because she has a heart of gold but she just sometimes doesn’t show it.



The wuffin is a odd creatures.They are half wolf half puffin that is why their name is wuffin.The wuffin is super fast they can go faster than 70 miles per hour they can go 112 miles per hour thats faster than other animals.The wuffin eats brown sugur soft branches .Wuffins have really soft  fur and their fur never is naughty.Wuffins  can swim,fly, run fast,and produce their own food in fact they make the brown sugur soft branchesits pretty cool. That’s all about wuffins