Not to long ago in (in first grade) at my old school in Houston (Burnett) I had to do a project on a animal so I chose raccoons. Did you know that raccoons can have about 6-7 babies? Well they can. Have you ever seen a panda ? Well if you’ve seen how they carry their cub’s when they climb trees , that’s kind of how raccoons are with their babies. Raccoons also don’t just eat trash , they eat berries or bugs. They eat trash because that’s the closes food they see when near houses. That’s all about raccoons today. Bye!


I learned about 9-11 which happened on September 11, 2001. 17 yrs ago a tragic thing happened, 4 planes got took over by terrorist (they crashed in NYC, D.C, Pennsylvania). The first two planes crashed into the Twin Towers . Immediately everybody ran out of the two buildings, cops, firefighters, and the paramedics came . They saved lots of lives , but lost many at the same time, thousands died . The terrorists that took over flight 93 was heading one of the nations heart, the people decided to take the plane back and ,they did. The way the flight 93 passengers took back the flight was with food carts, hot coffee, and hot water. Sadly they all died because of the consistency of the plane but that was the only thing that put a smiles on faces that day. The other plane I don’t know if they all died but God¬† ¬†bless their hearts. To this day everyone still remember that day , we even have memorials. 9-11 is a day that brought America together. God Bless America!

4th Grade Reflection

4th Grade Reflection

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Life in 5th Grade

On the first day of 5th grade was scary , most likely for everyone. I was scared too but, when it started I was okay. The next week came and we were all still alive . What was weird for me was we had a short recess though we had more classes (5 classes) , but i’m used to it now its not that bad. Now we don’t only have more classes but, more and different subjects. Are subject are pretty easy so far, science and American history are the only subjects that are different ,that I didn’t have last year. Lunch , classes ,and enhancements are the only really same things . If your wondering my homeroom teacher is Mrs. McFall , but you have your homeroom for second period , which is kinda of weird. Life as a 5th grader is the best and I hope everyone thinks so too!!

Pixel Art

Maker Space

Today Im going try to make a domino evolution.

Because of Winn-Dixie

In the book of Winn-Dixie,my favorite character is Amanda Wilkenson. Amanda .W. is my favorite character because I like that she always has a pinched face.Amanda is rude but toward the end she is super sweet. I also feel bad for her because of her brother drowning.Thats why I like Amanda because she has a […]

Mystery Message

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