Not to long ago in (in first grade) at my old school in Houston (Burnett) I had to do a project on a animal so I chose raccoons. Did you know that raccoons can have about 6-7 babies? Well they can. Have you ever seen a panda ? Well if you’ve seen how they carry their cub’s when they climb trees , that’s kind of how raccoons are with their babies. Raccoons also don’t just eat trash , they eat berries or bugs. They eat trash because that’s the closes food they see when near houses. That’s all about raccoons today. Bye!


Colonial Leader

 A true leader he was for his Wampanoag Tribe

Celebrated with Pilgrims he did

Thanks he gave on that day of celebration

Serious he was to protect

He maintained peace

 Peace he kept between tribes and the colonies

Made a treaty for Governor bradford colony and his own

50 years it lasted

Despite repeated encroachment

Him a rightful chief did best for what he could

That is Chief Massasoit


Weird Witch Halloween

It twas a Halloween night, like any Halloween . Children were ou trick-or-treating. For some reason Bayla and Sophia felt like there was something weird…..but, anyway besides that feeling, they continued to watch a movie called “The Witch From 1913″. All of the sudden , there was a knock at the door.At the same time the house was on fire but, it was green… While Sophia went to go check it out, Bayla went to go answer the door, but when she answered it there was a broom floating on air.Bayla screamed,”Let’s get out of here!”. So Sophia ran out along with Bayla. As they ran down Center st. they saw a laboratory, their laboratory.They ran inside somehow , though when they got inside, these witches out of nowhere  guarded the doors and every other way out.Bayla decided to try to ram into the doors out, but when she did she bounced right back in with a “BANG”.It was so weird but what it is. Out of nowhere a witch… a blue witch came and cut all the crazy stuff out. Turns out the witch was a good witch. It was a crazy Halloween.My question is , will it ever happen again? We’ll have to see.


Jamestown or Plymouth

Jamestown or Plymouth……. I’d personally choose Plymouth Colony. I’ll tell you why, because Plymouth Colony  actually made peace with the indians on their island. They were able to survive and grow food. I also would choose Plymouth because they didn’t only have men they had women and children. Plymouth did a good job at surviving , better than Jamestown Colony to my opinion. All those reason are why I’d be part of Plymouth Colony!



Homecoming at White Oak happens every 3 years , yes I know we all know every other school has it every year. I guess i’ll tell you about homecoming. lets start with what I did on Friday October 5th (homecoming) , since i’m in 5th grade i don’t have homecoming  dances but in 6th grade I do. So , on homecoming I went to school of course , got out at 1:15 and went home. Later around 7:30 we (family) went to the football game. Of course we won , I think it was 24 to 0. During the game which by the way is 4 hrs long, anyway of course drama went on. Mostly I hung out with my friend Bayla . When the game ended of course I went home like everybody else. Well, that’s pretty  much what I did . I hope who ever reads this liked it. I ‘ll post soon people , enjoy your homecoming.



I learned about 9-11 which happened on September 11, 2001. 17 yrs ago a tragic thing happened, 4 planes got took over by terrorist (they crashed in NYC, D.C, Pennsylvania). The first two planes crashed into the Twin Towers . Immediately everybody ran out of the two buildings, cops, firefighters, and the paramedics came . They saved lots of lives , but lost many at the same time, thousands died . The terrorists that took over flight 93 was heading one of the nations heart, the people decided to take the plane back and ,they did. The way the flight 93 passengers took back the flight was with food carts, hot coffee, and hot water. Sadly they all died because of the consistency of the plane but that was the only thing that put a smiles on faces that day. The other plane I don’t know if they all died but God   bless their hearts. To this day everyone still remember that day , we even have memorials. 9-11 is a day that brought America together. God Bless America!


4th Grade Reflection

<iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRpZ55W2f-AAFq0fRlHEZzMwulu9oW-E_pasplXIW9xz3TPF-NdvFugcXyaE3IOe2EB7LnrxiUcViTs/embed?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ frameborder=”0″ width=”816″ height=”1277″ allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>


Life in 5th Grade

On the first day of 5th grade was scary , most likely for everyone. I was scared too but, when it started I was okay. The next week came and we were all still alive . What was weird for me was we had a short recess though we had more classes (5 classes) , but i’m used to it now its not that bad. Now we don’t only have more classes but, more and different subjects. Are subject are pretty easy so far, science and American history are the only subjects that are different ,that I didn’t have last year. Lunch , classes ,and enhancements are the only really same things . If your wondering my homeroom teacher is Mrs. McFall , but you have your homeroom for second period , which is kinda of weird. Life as a 5th grader is the best and I hope everyone thinks so too!!

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