I learned about 9-11 which happened on September 11, 2001. 17 yrs ago a tragic thing happened, 4 planes got took over by terrorist (they crashed in NYC, D.C, Pennsylvania). The first two planes crashed into the Twin Towers . Immediately everybody ran out of the two buildings, cops, firefighters, and the paramedics came . They saved lots of lives , but lost many at the same time, thousands died . The terrorists that took over flight 93 was heading one of the nations heart, the people decided to take the plane back and ,they did. The way the flight 93 passengers took back the flight was with food carts, hot coffee, and hot water. Sadly they all died because of the consistency of the plane but that was the only thing that put a smiles on faces that day. The other plane I don’t know if they all died but God   bless their hearts. To this day everyone still remember that day , we even have memorials. 9-11 is a day that brought America together. God Bless America!