Homecoming at White Oak happens every 3 years , yes I know we all know every other school has it every year. I guess i’ll tell you about homecoming. lets start with what I did on Friday October 5th (homecoming) , since i’m in 5th grade i don’t have homecoming  dances but in 6th grade I do. So , on homecoming I went to school of course , got out at 1:15 and went home. Later around 7:30 we (family) went to the football game. Of course we won , I think it was 24 to 0. During the game which by the way is 4 hrs long, anyway of course drama went on. Mostly I hung out with my friend Bayla . When the game ended of course I went home like everybody else. Well, that’s pretty  much what I did . I hope who ever reads this liked it. I ‘ll post soon people , enjoy your homecoming.